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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stoneware Bracelet - Flowers, Headpins and Pantone Colors

Today's bracelet was made with Marti Conrad's textured focal in Starfish (taupe).  I made the wire-wrapped strap from her stoneware disc beads which are puffy enough to have the strength to support a bracelet strap.  I have some cute brass clasps with a flower design and it just jumped out at this piece.  I finished it with lucite leaves, glass flowers, a Vintaj leaf and.............................wait for it:

a UTEE dangle that I made using the tutorial published by Marina Rios of fancifuldevices.  I had so much fun making these.  I had her tutorial spread out all over the kitchen cabinet, with spoons, and a heat gun, and headpins and little beads.  What fun!  My husband came in and wanted to know what I was cooking.  Well, there are a lot of things other than cooking that you can do in the kitchen!

Anyway, it may not be the most appropriate component for this bracelet, but I was dying to use it, so here it is.  Let's just pretend that it is perfect and completes the bracelet......

And, this bracelet is also chocked full of Pantone Spring 2012 colors -- Cockatoo (teal), Solar Power (yellow), Starfish (taupe) Caberet (pink), Tangerine Tango (orange), Margarita (lime).

Anyway, a word about Fanciful's tutorial.  It was wonderful.  I so enjoyed it.  I'm going to keep working on these because even her excellent tutorial is no substitute for experience.....I would recommend it if you are interested in making your own enamel looking headpins.  I used some of my sister's old eyeshadow to give the dangle its purply color.  Who'd a thought...

1 comment:

Marti C. said...

Thanks Jean, I've never been disappointed with what you do with "my" beads and things! I think this is very pretty and perfect for spring!
And I have to try that tutorial!