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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Macrame Bracelets.....

These bracelets are something I've been wanting to make for awhile.  They are a great way to use the disc beads that Julie of Outwest makes in lampwork and the disc beads that Marti and so many other ceramic artists are making now.  I recently ordered a lot of Greek leather in different sizes and a few nice colors.  I hope you like them.

Those lampwork discs are gorgeous and this is my all time favorite Marti Conrad bead.

Marti made these adorable pink textured flower disc beads.  My friend from Jatterwunky made the lampwork bead.

 Organic brass button clasp and those ends can also be cut short, but I like to have dangles.
This is an antique mother of pearl shank button. 


Marti C. said...

Thanks Jean! I've been making some of them myself, but using cotton cording!

13 said...

They are very pretty and macrame is on my hit list of things to learn. Thank you for the inspiration

Elisabeth said...

Wow! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Nice use of the leather and beads! Wow, I can even remember wearing these. Gosh that makes me feel old....even if the bracelets are young and hip.

Anonymous said...

Your macrame bracelets are just beautiful. Macrame is one of my favorite things. You make me want to get back at it even with my arthritic hands! Love you! You're such an inspiration!