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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Orange Seahorse Bracelet

Today, I have an Orange Seahorse bracelet to show you.  I made it using a focal from Marti Conrad of her speckled stoneware clay with the seahorse glazed in a lovely orange glaze.  The color people, name escapes me right now as I haven't had coffee yet, tells us that Orange is supposed to be a very popular color this coming season.  I'm glad because I love orange.

I made the chain strap from red agate nuggets, one of which I capped with some new copper caps, and dark carnelian rounds.  Each bead was hand wrapped on copper wire, oxidized and tumble polished for that wonderful pinkish orange glow.

The second strand was woven onto orange waxed linen.  I just purchased waxed linen from White Clover Kiln in 54 different colors.  I'm loving that linen.  She also makes earthenware components, but I digress.  I alternated some dark amber AB seed beads and amber bugle beads and "tied" with small carnelian rounds.  I made the toggle clasp from copper and seed beads, added a couple of charms and here you go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean! Beautiful bracelet. Orange is my BIL's favorite color. I love waxed linen(and just about anything ocean related).

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Jean,

What a lovely Seahorse bracelet and great photogs! Oceania always draws one in to it's seemingly infinate depth and mystery. Love it!

Sandra Young said...

Very unique. Very beautiful!