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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lotteries, Gambling, and Giveaways....

I know it varies around the country, but I live in Kansas City, MO.  About twenty years ago, our state legislature voted to allow legalized gambling on river boats.   There are now several such boats in Kansas City.   I was not glad to see that being of the opinion that gambling is a detriment on a society and not a help, but the legislature didn't ask me for my opinion. 

Most of my opinion on legalized gambling is a direct result of my Mother's opinion.  She says that the worst thing that can happen to a person at one of these river boat gambling casinos is to win.  Because once they win, they think they can win every time and will usually lose much more than they can afford trying to win again - which is where it becomes a hindrance on society. 

But, I did not intend this post to become Jean's Treatise on the Ills of Gambling.  No, indeed!  Now on to the purpose of the post......

I have won two - not one, but two giveaways in the last couple of weeks!  Okay, in case you didn't hear me, let me shout it.  I HAVE WON TWO - NOT ONE, BUT TWO GIVEAWAYS IN THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS!  Now, let me say that I hope you won't interpret this post as being braggy - I don't intend it to be braggy -- in fact, I never (can't say that anymore) win anything -- but rather I intend it in the spirit of getting these artists names before as many of you as I can.

The first that I won was from Jo, owner of Daisy Chain Extra on Etsy on January 23.  You can visit her etsy shop here.  Jo lives in Southampton, England.  She is a jewelry designer and tutor and makes the sweetest jewelry components from sterling and copper.  I didn't even know I'd won until February 6 when she posted on my facebook.  Don't you just love facebook?  She was giving away 20 (is it English pounds - I don't even know) in free products from her shop.  I went online to try to find a money changer and I think it is about $32.58 in US Dollars.  Hey folks - that's a lot.  Did you hear me?  THAT'S A LOT!  I really don't know why I think all of you are hard of hearing today....

Anyway, these are some of the items I picked from her shop, along with about that much more that I purchased.  I just can't pass up free shipping....

This is a daisy.

These are poppies.

The second giveway was from Pippa PipsJewellery.  She lives in Bath, United Kingdom.  She makes jewelry and jewelry components from polymer clay.  She is a true artist with color and I believe I am going to love her beads.  She describes her shop as Handcrafted.  Unique.  Special.  She sure has that right.  They are beautiful, in fact they are beautifully gorgeous.

She gave me my choice of a set of polymer beads.  I chose these --

And to go with them, I purchased this....

And then because I love free shipping, I purchased these.

Also, because Pippa is so generous and because she was so pleased with the huge response to her giveaway she also gave a set of beads to Cilla of TellYourGirlFriends on etsy.  Cilla makes beautiful artisan jewelry - and she is also a customer of Ingrid Mueller's which proves in my book that she has good taste in jewelry makin's.  I can prove she makes beautiful artisan jewelry if you will click here.

I can't wait to receive all this booty.  These women are very generous to have offered such spectacular giveaways.  I would encourage all of you to check out their shops and consider their contributions to your jewelry designs. 

Anyway, thank you Jo and Pippa for making the opportunity to win these gorgeous components possible.  Now, I have to go do another happy dance.
P.S.  Apparently, the English spelling of jewelry is jewellery.  We American's we want to take the shortcut on everything don't we.


Marti C. said...

Beautiful things...I tried polymer for a while and couldn't come up with anything as pretty as those! Congrats on your wins!

potterygirl1 said...

Congarts! I am sure you will make something gorgeous with all of these beautiful components(did I spell that right?)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jean, you lucky dog. I'm like you in rarely winning anything and I know if it were me I'd be happy dancing all over the place, too. Wish I was there with my camera! I'll look forward to you posting what you create.

Cillaw said...

I won twice too! As you know Pip's amazing flowers. I also won to be a blog partner with Chinook Jewelery!
It must be that lucky PotteryGirl1 connection!
Canadians spell Jewellery with two ll's too.


Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

I was all set and serious to read your treatment on the evils of gambling and then you announce your winnings! I laughed so hard!

The beads you won are gorgeous! I have no doubt you will create wonderful things with them!

Oh ... congratulations! By the way, I'm having a giveaway on my blog on whistles very soon! You simply must consider entering! :)

Pips said...

Jean, thank you so much for this lovely feature! that has made my day! I am looking so forward to seeing what you make with the beads, I am certain that it will be beautiful! I hope that you enjoy using them as much as I did making them. Pippa.

sophie watkins said...

Congratulations!! Beautiful beads! I am sure whatever you make it will be outstanding!

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