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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reminder of Giveway at Love My Art Jewelry Blog

Several days ago, I posted about a giveaway on the Love My Art Jewelry Blog.  They are giving away a necklace that I made using Ingrid Mueller's Heart Pendant.

I just checked and so far onlt 10 people have entered.  They will be drawing the winner February 14, 2012 so be sure to click here to enter. 


Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

I'm so glad for the reminder! I just went and entered. Maybe your recent good luck will rub off on me?

Gale said...

I tried to post. Just went back and tried again. Either the monitor of the site or the keyword thing-y seems to blocking posts...?

Jean A. Wells said...

The posts on that site do require moderator. Before you leave the screen after you believe you have posted, check at the top of the box and see if there is a message about that.

Jean A. Wells said...

I just checked and Gale, you are entered. I bet it was just the moderation that took some time for your post to be shown.

Good luck everyone.