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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Is Coming.......

It occurred to me this morning just how soon Valentine's Day is approaching.  It seems as if we just finish one holiday and the next one is upon us.  It keeps things interesting and new, I guess.  I began readying my etsy shop for Valentine's Day this morning.  I have set up a special category just for the occasion and am listing items in that category at special Valentine's Day pricing and I am also offering free shipping on those items.  I have purchased a new Valentine's Day banner for my shop and for the blog and I really like them.   I get tired of looking at the same thing every day and I expect that all of you do to so I am going to try to keep things a bit interesting.

Here are a couple of new listings made just for Valentine's Day and a couple of older items.  Hope you enjoy them.

Focal is by Marti Conrad.

Focal is by Ingrid Mueller.


Andra said...

Good Grief, I didn't realize that Valentine's Day was just around the corner. I love the new necklaces. Can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a temptress!