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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dream Catcher Earrings - Outwest Lampwork

I recently received an order of lampwork disc beads from Outwest.  I have been playing around with them and last night made these earrings that I am calling Dream Catchers.  I was inspired by an ornament design that I saw this holiday season and once they were finished, they looked like Dream Catchers to me.  When I showed the finished earrings to my husband, he grimmaced and asked why I had the "hair" on them.  He was no more impressed when I explained to him that it is not "hair" it is "fiber" or if you are a literalist, the package identifies it as "fun fur."   Not that I consider his opinion to be the definitive decision on what I make or don't make, it has got me thinking.  So I am going to put it to you guys.  So, ....."hair or no hair?".....that is the question.  Please comment on your preference.

On a personal note, we saw two movies yesterday.  We can go months and months and there is nothing playing that we want to see, but right now, there are FIVE.  We saw Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and Mission Impossible.  They were both very good.  I still want to see We bought a Zoo, War Horse and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. 

 The theater we always go to has recently remodeled.  They now have recliners and they also now have self-serve drinks with 104 flavors.  I told the manager that I really liked the remodeling, but I thought they needed more flavors.  Also a funny thing happened yesterday when we were being seated for Breaking Dawn.  The theater was full and by the time we made our choice of what flavor of soda we wanted, there was only a sprinkling of single empty seats throughout the theater.  On the end of one row, there was an empty seat, a woman, a man, and an empty seat.  I asked the woman if they could scoot down one seat allowing us to use the two empty seats together.  She said "No" - not just once, but twice.  So my husband sat beside her husband on the 4th seat in the row and I sat by her on the end.  We began passing our popcorn and drink back and forth -- more than was necessary.  It only took a few minutes and soon she caved, the woman stood up and "told" me to scoot down.  I first thanked her for her kind offer, but declined telling her that we were comfortable with the way it was, she then said "please".  I could tell she was about to have a breakdown.  I have never in my life experienced such rudeness at the theater, but ended up having a really fun time with the situation.  We talked to management about it and they told us they couldn't make them move if they didn't want to, so we just handled it in our own "mature" way.  By the way, we were always sure to apologize to them verbally each time we passed.  We are nothing if not polite.  Fortunately, the movie hadn't yet started.  Are we bad or what?


Anonymous said...

You are soooo bad. I love it. She could have been more accommodating at the start. I like the hairy ones.

Marti C. said...

I like the hair!

Lori Anderson said...

Love the earrings -- and wow, what a woman at the theater!

potterygirl1 said...

Sounds like a Seinfeld episode!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

I think the earrings look like firecrackers. They are very cool!

I laughed so hard at your movie story.

sophie watkins said...

Neat earrings! The fiber threads add a special texture to the design which I personally love. I recently purchased beads made from tyvek for this purpose!

Hey if I ever encounter a rude dude at the theater I know what to do! :0