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Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Goodies for Valentine's Day

The first necklace I am showing you was given to me by a client that I really enjoyed working with last year.  She told me I could do whatever I wanted to with it.  Well, when I began to think about Valentine's Day I remembered how feminine and romantic it looked and I just LOVED the cameo.  So, I took it apart last night, threw in some of my own goodies, and this is what I came up with.  I had enough parts to make earrings which will be given to the lucky woman that buys it.

The other necklaces, the silver pendant hearts and the mended heart pendant, are a reaction to some constructive criticism I recently received from one of my sisters.  She told me that although she loved my jewelry, most of it was too elaborate or artsy for her taste and she would like to see me make some simple pendant pieces, etc.  Her mother-in-law agreed with her.  So for those of you that prefer something a little more basic or simple, but still gorgeous, these are for you. 

So, that leads me to a question:  Please leave a comment and compare and contrast the more "artsy" jewelry with more "basic" jewelry.

Thank you for the necklace Lynn.  I hope you like what I've done with it.

This mended heart pendant is stoneware and was made by Marti Conrad.


Andra said...

I love the mended heart. I'm not sure which I like more today's version or the one you posted yesterday.

Marti C. said...

I love the way you fixed the cameo necklace...and the mended heart! Wouldn't you know, I'd be no help to!

Anonymous said...

I think all the pieces are lovely. I think there is a demand for both elaborate and simple as everyone's likes are different.
Me--I'm a pretty small person and don't do elaborate well. Basic and simple pretty much suit me to a T.

sophie watkins said...

My take on it is that you can incorporate both styles into your wardrobe! I live in gym clothes so I wear less elaborate pieces when I workout, yes I wear jewelry while sweating and it is great to look down and see a lovely necklace or bracelet looking back at yea. Mix and match, layer have fun!! However artsy is a winner for me.

Pretty Things said...

LOVE that first necklace especially!