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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sophie Made My Day!

First, let me say that I have met some wonderful women since I went on-line with my jewelry.  Women that are far apart in distance but close by their ability to give to one another, even if it is just in the way of sending a kind word now and then, or an unexpected "Love this piece", etc.  I know that you all know of what I speak.

Earlier this week, I received a gift in the mail that absolutely made not only my day, but still has me riding high.  It was from Sophie, a jewelry designer that I recently met.  She lives in Canada and I live in the midwest United States, but she has managed to touch my heart as if she was in the same room.   In response to my creative slowdown that I have recently experienced, she arranged with Carolyn Saxby, who lives in England, yet another continent away, to send me some absolutely amazing fiber beads.  Carolyn is a mixed media textile artist that sells her wares through her etsy shop.

Well, I am still an attorney, and I can smell a conspiracy a mile away.  You see Carolyn included a gift card in which she forged Sophie's name.   Sophie and Carolyn conspired to inspire and I couldn't be more inspired by these fabulous beads.  They are just the kind of thing I love - handmade, unique and teal! 

Carolyn also included a really nice chunk of fabulously textured fiber as well.  I hope to have something beautiful to show you all very soon.

Sophie -- Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  Your gift and thoughtfulness really touched me and I do consider you my friend.  Carolyn, I love your art and I am so happy to have had your shop brought to my attention.  Thank you both so much.  I can assure you that there will be no prosecution on either the conspiracy or forgery.

I feel like Marina of Fancifuldevices.  She is always showing pictures of wonderful things people send her for her art.  Wow! Lucky me!


potterygirl1 said...

That is so thoughtfull of Sophie what a nice person.
They are amazing beads and I am sure you will create something truley amazing with them♥

Marti C. said...

Those are amazing beads...can't wait to see what you do with them!

Anonymous said...

People really can be so nice and caring. I love what these wonderful artists sent you and cannot wait to see what you create!

sophie watkins said...

Oh Jean your are very welcome and you have always been kind to me my friend!! Now Carolyn has yet to see this and I am sure when she does she is going to have a good chuckle that we are good co-conspirators! lol!

Jean A. Wells said...

AND FORGERS! Don't forget forgers!


So I don't need to get a lawyer just yet then LOL ... I would say "it's a fair cop ... but Sophie twisted my arm and made me do it" LOL

so glad you like my art beads ... thank you for the lovely mentions. I'm almost sold out of beads rights now but hope to have more next week

Love from Cornwall
Carolyn x