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Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Tools and New Jewelry

I recently decided to award myself with new tools.  With the help of the advice of my friend, Karen Totten, I decided to go with the Lundstrom RX and purchased a set during RioGrande's sale.  I really wanted to buy the Swanstrom because I buy USA made whenever possible, but because my right wrist has been giving me some tendon problems, I went for the ergonomic feature.  You see, heretofore, (love that word), I have made all my jewelry with the Walmart tools that I've had for years.  Sad, but true.  I don't know if the new tools will make the jewelry any better, but I will feel like a professional, I hope.

I also purchased a small pocket crimper.  The crimper I had was good, but it didn't work well on the smaller 1mm crimps so I either had to avoid them or just flatten them which was not my first choice.  So, with this handy dandy pocket crimper - problem solved.

Here is the first necklace I made with these tools and then earrings that I made using some rubber tubing that I've had but didn't have an idea what to do with it.  The white and purple beads were a gift.  I used pink artwire with these.  My goal was to make something springy, colorful and fun!  Did I do'ed it?

I also used my new tools on my Bead Soup project which I finished but can't show you yet.  The necklace and earrings are in the shop.

Also, I also want to let you all know about a Giveaway for some wonderful leather pieces.  Go to Barbara Bechtel's blog at to read all about it.  The leather is being given by  Check out both websites for more information.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you do'ed it just fine. I love the springy look. Nice goin'. I know you're going to have lots of fun with those new tools!

Marti C. said...

Ab-o-lute-ly! Lovely pieces, as always!

Karen Totten said...

love the this work!

Hope you're enjoying the new tools!

sophie watkins said...

Well these are the best tools around and they will cause less fatigue and stress for sure!

My dilemma is I have a serious issue with crimp bead covers....I hate them and wish I didn't, I just get so fed up with squishing my crimp covers that I leave my crimp bare most times or cover them up with another bead if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions...I would greatly appreciate it!

Jean A. Wells said...

I hate crimp covers too Sophie. I think this would be a really really good topic for say the day after tomorrow. I will share what I have learned to do with them. I have never taken a class so there is most likely a much better way, but I have at least reached some sort of an understanding with them.

sophie watkins said...

Thanks Jean crimp covers are my Achilles heal! I get to one end of the bracelet and also find either I have left to much space and my bracelet is loose or not enough to get it on. At least I can laugh about my ability to be able to squish them to perfection lol!