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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Raku - What is It?

Encarta World English Dictionary defines Raku as
a pottery technique in which pots are raw-glazed at a low temperature then taken red-hot from the kiln and plunged in water or sawdust for reduction or carbonizing.  The process is quite interesting.  I had planned to do an instructional post on the process, but LMAJ has a guest artist today, Marianne Kasparian, that does Raku and her description is very good.  

I have been on a real "horse" streak lately and have been acquiring some really cool "horse" components.  This bracelet focal is by Star Spirit Studio finished with leather and copper with a turquoise charm and pistol charm.  The small round on the bracelet is also by Star Spirit Studio bt I have had the larger rounds for a couple of years and their creator is unknown to me.  Diane Long, published jewelry designer, made the copper bead caps used on the round raku beads.  I hope you enjoy.

Hop on over to the LMAJ blog to read more about the process of Raku.  You will find a link to the LMAJ blog in my blog list on the right.

Also, just a last reminder that this is the last day to comment for a chance to win the very first NECKLACE GIVEAWAY.  Scroll down to the post and leave your comment.  I will draw the winner after Midnight tonight. 

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Anonymous said...

I love the bracelets you have recently posted on. The horse ones are especially nice. Who doesn't like horses!