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Friday, December 30, 2011

Pet Portraits

 Millie - Japanese Chin.  She owns Marti Conrad.

Taffy - Jack Russell - Owns Sophie Watson.

Taffy playing.

Bosley - Black Lab/Mix.  He owns Vickie Long

Bosley at Christmas.  Isn't that a sweet face?

Quincy - Tuxedo Cat.  He owns Marti Conrad.  They loaded in separatedly and I couldn't figure out how to get them together.  Oh well.

And, Vickie Long's, white cat.  She reports it is a stray that they have been feeding for some time.  Look at its beautiful blue eyes.  Do you think Frank Sinatra could be in there somewhere?

Thanks to all of you that sent in your pictures.  I love dogs and cats.  Life is easier without them, but it isn't worth living.

And, Ingrid Mueller's special dog, Moon.  He was a Malamute.  She lost him last Christmas.  I remember when he left her, she was devestated.  And, having lost many pets, I knew exactly how she felt. 

This is Minnie, her Pom.  (Millie, meet Minnie)

This is Timber.  She is a Belgian Turvuren just like my Mom's Maggie. 

This is Timber and Minnie. 

And, here is Lily and Cookie.  They own Nan Emmett.

And, Riley, also Nan's.



Marti C. said...

Love looking at the pets that are such members of our families...thanks for sharing these pics Jean, it's a great idea!

potterygirl1 said...

They are all soooooo sweet!

Spirited Earth said...

Oh how did i miss sending you photos of my roudy crew..this was a fun post.

Jean A. Wells said...

Hey guys, this is a great post. Keep sending me pictures. I will get them added. You can send to me through etsy or you may attach them to an e.mail to me at


sophie watkins said...

Beautiful pets all of them! Thanks for sharing and posting!! Happy New Year!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Jean for doing this post. It was so fun seeing everyone's pets and I'm looking forward to more! They certainly are our best friends, aren't they?

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Cute! Loved looking at these sweeties! I would have sent pics of my two, but I was out of town. Next time! Hope your Christmas was merry!