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Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Makins' -- Wrap Bracelet, Stoneware Earrings, Butterfly and Bee Bead

Have you noticed how popular wrap bracelets have become?
I have made and listed several recently.  This one is my newest. 

I recently received a fantastic lot of kuchi buttons from etsian UberKuchi.  They are amazing and perfect for use in this wrap. 
It is very simple -- just a ribbon and four buttons. 

I also made another version of my Steam Roller earrings.  These stoneware disc beads are also by Marti Conrad in a Robin's Egg Blue Glaze.  I just love this design.
Lastly for this post, I recreated a design that I made for my sister-in-law just after last Christmas.  She wanted something Egyptian and when Ingrid Mueller listed a nice Egyptian pendant, I got to work.  I recently received a really fun bead from Natalie Pappas that had a decaled butterfly on one side and a bee on the other side.  I loved the muted mauve and mustard yellow colors in the bead.  Below is a picture of Janie's necklace made a year ago and the new necklace made with Natlie's bead.

Don't you just love that bead.  You can see the bee in the last photograph. 


Alice said...

They're all beautiful, but my favorite is the steamroller earrings!

fireflymyst said...

Very pretty!!

Mound Builders necklace!!

fireflymyst said...


Anonymous said...

Your color combinations are always so lovely and it's awesome the way you put your creative talents to work. The necklace is gorgeous!