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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Earrings - Saucers and Recycled Glass

While I was out of town for Thanksgiving, I took a few materials along with me and managed to make these earrings from some new glass beads I had just received.  The saucer beads are Czech glass and I love that little faceted section around the middle.  I also made these using square wire rather than round for a little change.

The aqua and green recycled glass beads are etched to resemble beach glass and were made in India.  These earrings have copper, brass and sterling silver for a mixed-metal look.  There is one pair of green recycled glass earrings made on a teardrop swing.

I will be listing these over the next few days, but if you see something that strikes your immediate fancy, let me know.


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Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the blog, Jean. Glad you started one!