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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blue Snowflake Cuff Bracelet - Focal by Marti Conrad

Another beautiful focal cuff by Marti Conrad.  I love the deep teal blue color of the glaze on the brown "snow-ware" stoneware.  And, I also love that she provided four matching beads with it - enough to fancy up the bracelet and to make matching earrings.

 Ingrid Mueller usually manages to find herself in most of my pieces and this one is no different.  That is her beautiful matte light brown and dark shiney brown striped bead in the back.  And matching earrings as a bonus!  What a beautiful set.  Thank you Marti and Ingrid.  You always provide me with such beautiful components to work with.


Lori Anderson said...

WOW that's amazing-- never seen anything like it!

Jean A. Wells said...

Thank you Lori. Such high praise. I shall walk around the house with my nose in the air for the remainder of the day! lol

Marti C. said...

Your talent make my focals stand out so beautifully, thank you!