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Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Contribution to Stringing Spring 2013

Today I wanted to share my contribution to the Spring 2013 issue of Stringing Magazine.  The version that was published is actually my second version of the necklace. 

For those of you that haven't tried being published yet, one of the things you have to do when you submit your piece for consideration is to also write instructions on how to make it and make a complete list of each piece, down to every little jump ring and crimp, with a description of size, color, material, and where you acquired it.

In the first version, I used a wider variety of African Trade Beads and more sections of macrame.

After completing the first version, I realized it was going to be impossible for me to actually write instructions on how to make it. 
 So, in the necklace, I used a bag of Greek Mokonos Heishi Beads that I purchased from Rings-Things and kept the connections simpler.  I love the way it turned out and if you want to give it a go, it should be easy enough to follow the instructions published in the magazine.

The earrings drops were made by Marla James and are a beautiful compliment to the necklace.

I purchased the pendant on eBay years ago, but the colors in it were perfect for this issue and this necklace.
And, if you haven't purchased your copy yet, here is a picture of the front so you will know what to look for.

The pendant that I used in the first version was a "parrot wing" jasper.  It was very pretty, but there is a spot on the front of it that didn't look out of place until I took its picture.  I thought the more purple piece looked better in the end and it photographed better.

Disclaimer:  For those who keep track of this type of thing, these pictures were used with Stringing's permission.


AntiquityTravelers said...

Lovely pieces Jean! I did see these in the issue and really loved them

Regina said...

Loved your necklace, what an apt name.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Wow - I love these pieces Jean and how you just attack a piece. I pretty much have to draw an idea out. After that I can alter to my hearts content but if I don't put pencil to paper I get lost in the options. Maybe if I just got a scattering of complementary pieces out on my desk I could go from there. I think you visual it in your brain and then your hands tackle the options. Not a bad way to work at all!

Kepi said...

Lovely necklace, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I really love both versions of the necklaces and the pendants are superb!

Sharyl said...

They are both wonderful,wonderful designs! You never fail to impress me!