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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Snow is Leaving, but.....

Before it does, I want to leave one more picture of a unique snowman.  This one is just to the south of our house on the corner.  Yesterday and today have been so warm we didn't even need to wear coats and when I drove by this one this morning on the way to the market, it was almost gone.  About all that is left is its feet.

In our neighborhood, when you have stuff that you don't want any more, you just set it out on the curb and someone will usually take it before the sun sets on it.

I was walking Jebadiah and Sophie when I took this one's picture.  She found it very interesting - worthy of closer inspection.

Spring will be here in no time. 

Okay, now back to work.


Sharon Driscoll said...

OMG is that funny. I think it's so funny that Sophie wanted a look - maybe she just wanted to cuddle on the couch with a friend. I like your neighborhood, they've got a sense of humor.

Sherri Stokey said...


potterygirl1 said...

Love it!

supere67 said...

We do that in our neighborhood too - leave stuff on the curb for others to take :) Of course, maybe no one's gonna want that couch now that there's a melted snowman all over it!

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's great.