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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Race Horses.......

Who doesn't love race horses?  But, how many of us are ever lucky enough to know one -- let alone own one?

Well, I'll tell you who ---- my sister-in-law, Janie Rogers.  I only have one brother and he managed to marry one of the coolest women I know.  She has a Harley - and you should see her in her leathers --, she has raised three wonderful sons (but man let me tell you, she is one tough Mom - she is definitely not a coddler.)  I joke that if you are her kid, when you turn 18 years old she throws you a big birthday party, then sets you out on the curb so a word to the wise -- have a place to sleep on your 18th birthday because she will already be redecorating your room by nightfall.

She is an accomplished painter and I am patiently waiting my turn for one of her paintings.  She loves to make things about as much as I do.

She also owns a race horse.  In her younger (pre-sister-in-law days) she was actually a professional jockey.

She just won her first race! and I wanted to share her joy (and mine) with you.  Marti I know you will enjoy this and I hope many others of you do too.

The top is a picture of the win and that is Janie standing at the head of the horse in the bottom picture.

Isn't that about the coolest thing!

Congratulations Janie! and give Officer's Desire a hug for me - oh, and an apple.


Sharon Driscoll said...

Isn't that just incredible. Love horses - have since I was a kid - but doesn't every little girl. My dear sweet DIL and my son have 3 of them. LOL - one is named Zohan(he is a huge monster of 17+ hands). MY DIL uses them in therapy with troubled kids...she is a gem. I'm a lucky MIL. Congrats to your SIL - Officer's Desire looks like a winner.

Marti C. said...

Oh my goodness, how fantastic! I was just happy seeing mine running in the pasture, a real racehorse was beyond my imagination!
Congratulations to your SIL!

Anonymous said...

You have a very interesting family! And I love horses. Nice going, Janie!

potterygirl1 said...

Very Cool!