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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow in Kansas City, MO

I continue to work on my Bead Trends spread so I don't have any jewelry to show you today, but, I did want to share some pictures that my husband has taken in the last few days.

I will let them tell the story about the snow that we have received in Kansas City (at least at my house) in the last week or so.

 This is a picture of Jebadiah Boone sitting on our sidewalk in front of our house about four or five days after the first snow.  My husband had shoveled our driveway and you can see how high it was piled in our small front yard.

This was before the second snow.
We received our second snow yesterday (Tuesday) morning.  Our power was out for about three hours.  The bad part about power going out at a time like this is you never know when it will come back on.

Our utility companies were still dealing with power outages from the previous week's snow.

 The morning of the second snow, which blessed us with another 12", we found my 22 year old redbud tree laying on our neighbor's three week old car.  Her car had such a heavy layer of ice and snow on it, there was no damage.  It was also the top of the tree that reached her car.

It looked like the tree just layed over - but I can't tell if it was uprooted or broke off at the ground level since it is buried in the snow.

 This is a southward view of our street.  It was very beautiful.

It still looks just like that today.

Our Mayor was asking people to stay home.  Many businesses were closed including our courts (which almost never happens).

We now have about 20" of snow at our house.  The first snow had settled quite a bit from the melt over the previous days.

Since so many people were home, and the utilities were out in our neighborhood anyway, many people took to playing in the snow - young and old alike.

It was fantastic seeing families out in the streets visiting and playing with their neighbors.  You don't see that much anymore.

One block down, some of the adult children decided to try to one-up their neighbors on the best snowman.

This one was adorned with beer bottles -- how funny!

This one was big and the scarf and hat were nice.

And, a lot of the kids have built forts out of snow, but we don't have any pictures of those.  The kids crawl inside them and when our dogs go by they smell the kids and they want to go inside too.

I like the forts.


They made the tiger out of snow and then they actually used spray paint to paint it orange with black stripes.  It is soooo cool.

And, this is what it looks like when you want to go out and play in the snow, but you can't.  Isn't that cute.


Julie said...

I am hugely envious of the snow! We have had very little and need the mountain snow pack so bad. My brother in Warrensburg is fit to be tied since he hates snow!

Love your neighborhood!

Sharon Driscoll said...

How beautiful Jean - your neighbors are very creative and the tiger is great. The sad face on the puppy says it all...our Trudy stands by the sliding doors and pines to go out and run. The problem being her buddy passed away this year and she begs at the door for us to come out. Right now that's just impossible. I know the sorrowful look of a bored furbaby. Great photo!

Leigh Thow said...

How beautiful are all these pictures, I love the snow and try every weekend to get away snowboarding to our local resort approx 40 mins away! Your street looks like the perfect fairytale but then that's what snow does is add a little magic to everything. Gorgeous dog too x

Anonymous said...

Hey jean, your pictures are great. I would (maybe) enjoy the snow better had not most of the limbs and branches come down from the huge tree in my front yard, with one smashing my windshield because I have to leave the car in the drive. Safe-lite just came out and replaced my windshield right in the drive. Now, we await the sart maybe this weekend of the cleaning of the huge mess in the front yard. Btw, Bosley loooves the snow!

Anonymous said...

Thankfully we've seen the last of the snow over here in the UK. My mate uses a bucket of water with pink food colouring to paint her snowman pink! Thank you so much for your kind and lovely comments, it's very much appreciated.

supere67 said...

Hi, Jean. Great pictures! The snow is beautiful, and I love the picture of the dog looking out the window. Great shot! I also love all those bungalows and other old homes in your neighborhood.

Big kudos on the bead trends layout!

Anonymous said...

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Sharyl said...

Hey, Jean, how is it you all in MO are so creative?! Over here we're just shoveling and shoveling to clear a path out of the driveway! It might have been more fun if I had thought to make a fort (or Jayhawk) instead! ;)