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Friday, June 29, 2012

Kristi Bowman Donut Blog Hop and Notice of a Giveaway

I am thrilled to participate in Kristi Bowman's "Big Hole" blog hop.  I love the big hole components that she has developed - so many different and wonderful textures.  Kristi sent me this piece as a gift with the message that she was attempting to "entice" me to participate.  Well, that's all it took.  She is such a temptress.

I will tell you a little bit about my piece.  I love lariat necklaces......period.  As I develop as a designer, I am continuously searching for new ways to make lariats.  I have been working a lot in the tribal style lately and specifically with Barbara Hanselman's Easter Island guys. 

I wanted to do two things with this piece -- I wanted to keep it in the tribal theme, but work in the urchin design of the component that Kristi sent me.  So I used different species of shell in shades of orange and brown.  

I used a Hill Tribe fine silver shell bead together with carved bone and some green heart African trade beads.
For spacers, I used small wood rounds, copper heishi African trade beads from India and copper seed beads.

I ended the two loose strands with a bone disc and an Easter Island clay pendant by Barbara Hanselman.

 This necklace can be worn several different ways.  You can loop the loose ends through the large loop.  This is the longer version to wear it.

 It can be worn with a large wood ring behind the urchin copper ring.  I have attached a cluster of urchin spine dangles to the wood ring.

 It can be worn with a shell ring behind the urchin copper donut.

It can be worn very short, choker style, by threading the ends through the second loop created by the double strand neckstrap.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my versatile, African and Sea Urchin theme lariat necklace.  Now, take a few moments and take a look below where I have listed the other designers whom have used the same component to make something scrumptious to share with us.  I love a blog hop and have looked forward to this for weeks now.  I hope you enjoy the hop as much as I do.

The Crafthopper
Spice Box Designs
All the Pretty Things
Jean A Wells (You are here)
Kristen Stevens

THANK YOU KRISTI for hosting this hop and for enticing me to participate.  

Also, there is a giveaway going on. The Gossiping Goddess is giving away stacking bracelets.  Go to Lesley's blog at HERE to register for her giveaway of three fantastic macrame and bead stacking bracelets in celebration of her first tutorial.  It is free so you need to check that out as well so that in the event you don't win the bracelets -- since it is my plan that I will win them -- you can make your own.  Okay, that is probably what I will have to do as well, but its fun to try anyway.


Alicia said...

Oh, wow - that's a beautiful piece! Love the colours and mix of various beads... very nice!

Kristi Bowman said...

Super super cool Jean, I'm so happy I was able to tempt you to join my jop!! I love all the beads and I'm thrilled to see my copper paired with one of those amazing Easter Island creations. Thanks so much for joining my Hop!!!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Wow, Jean! My mouth is still hanging open for looking at your beautiful necklace. So versatile. Can't find any more words other than Wow!

Marti C. said...

I agree with all of the above statements! This is incredible!

stacilouise said...

GORGESOUS! I can't stop looking at it. LOve the bone bead and rich color and textures....and the versatility! Great peice!

Alice said...

A great piece! Everywhere you look there is another interesting element. The colors and textures are just beautiful!!!!!

Kristen said...

How beautifully you pulled all the colors into this piece. You surly do love lariats!

Shadow Dog Designs said...

Loving what you did with Kristi's piece! It works on so many different levels. The Easter Island pendat is perfect with the big hole piece.

Rising Designs said...

Greatness and versatality at it's best!

Heather said...

How clever! I love how interchangeable it is. Great colors, too!

Karen Williams said...

Fascinating! I definitely wouldn't have put these different components together myself, but they work so well! I love the combination of the tribal and oceanic themes.

And the versatility of your necklace. Seems like this would be a great travel piece!


Jennifer Cameron said...

Gorgeous! love all the texture and color and the design elements. I love lariats too.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Great Piece Jean and so changable -LoVe it!

Genea said...

Oh I just love this tribally theme you have going to match with your donut! I love that the design is interchangeable and that your copper donut fits through an even bigger donut! So creative!

xo Genea

Dragonfly Close said...

I love the tribal nature of your jewelry! It's just amazing! I love the lariat how you can wear it so many different ways. I may just have to try one! I also love bone, and the disc beads you use and it was great to see the way you used them. LOVE your work! Thanks for sharing. --Diane

Sweet Freedom said...

Wonderful design! Great use of the focal, and wonderful choice of elements.

Lori Anderson said...

Gorgeous! You were so lucky to get picked (I threw my name in the hat). Lovely!