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Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello -- Anybody out there? Anybody in here?

I've not posted since Sunday, but I've been working hard at making jewelry to submit for the Winter issue of Stringing.  Deadline is quickly approaching.  I've got several things submitted and they even liked some of it and told me to send it in - I am so excited to share it with you.

Something, I haven't shared with you yet is that I have been notified that I have three THREE pieces coming out in the Fall issue of Stringing.  How cool is that?  I can't wait for you to see those pieces either - two necklaces and a bracelet.

Now, for what I can share with you.  I still managed to make a pair of earrings and a necklace for the shop.  The Easter Island heads made by Barbara Hanselman are proving to be quite popular.  I love this pair because they are more like us - they have different faces. 
 She also made the topper beads.  They have a pattern on both sides and the clays match so well.

Deb Houde of Overland Park, KS, Jatterwunky Studio, made the three lampwork beads in this piece.  The turquoise and brown she used goes perfectly with the wood beads and turquoise beads.  This is a short choker style necklace, the shortest strand is only 16" long, but it also drapes like a bib.  It is gorgeous on.


The Crazier Sister said...

Oh, man. HOW do you make those curved wires you have on your Easter Island earrings? I've tried and I've just... well, I'll leave it to your imagination. Suffice it to say, it didn't go well :(
I LOVE them, there's so much character and interest to them.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Hey - I'm out here. I've been getting the beads ready to take to B&B. I show with Glass Act - the Southeastern Michigan Beadmaker's Guild so I have been hog tied tight here to deadlines. I LOVE the pieces you are showing tonight Jean. The bib is just stunning. What did yoiu string that on? Leather? Waxed Linen? It's making me drool and want to go into my stash. Where is that stuff..under the bed, in the draw, the closet. Crap...I need a better system.