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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Celtic Horse Pendant Necklace

I have had this pendant for well over a year.  It was made by Kara Nina of KNME on etsy.  I love the way the horse is framed by the rest of the pendant.  I strung it with African brass heishi, turquoise vinyl beads, ostrich shell, horn, buri seeds and glass. 

I love the rustic quality of Kara's stoneware.  She also makes fantastic scarves.  It is hard to think about them right now, but I bought one from her and love it.  In the wintertime, I wear it as a necklace.  She is one talented lady.

This is a picture of my scarf.  Doesn't she have a beautiful smile? 

And, this is the necklace. 


Kepi said...

Love the necklace. I have a scarf just like that only red and I love it. Living in northern Canada one needs a warm scarf.

Sharon Driscoll said...

What an incredible piece that is. You really did that pendant justice and it's a beautiful pendant.

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