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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Justice Marie

Let me say that this entry is primarily for my own purpose - making a history regarding Justice and I don't expect you all to read through this, unless, of course, you want to.

What a day it has been.  Those of you that regularly follow my blog will recall that my old friend, Justice Marie developed a problem in her neck about six to eight weeks ago in which she experienced a sharp pain when she would sit up from a laying down position.  So much so that she would yelp out in pain.  My vet wanted to sedate her to take x-rays and I was reluctant to do that at her age.  So, we treated it with Previcox and Tramidol hoping that by controlling the pain the condition, whatever it was, would resolve itself.

It took about two and a half weeks, but it did seem to resolve itself as she quit yelping and showed no other symptoms.  She continued to be able to get up and down with no hesitation and apparently with no pain.  Then she developed a gait impairment on her left front leg - not really a full blown limp, but not a normal gait either.  Sort of a hobble.  After much consulting with my vet, I decided that it was time, at her age, to put her on previcox on a permanent basis to see if maybe she was just experiencing some onset of arthritis pain or other old-age aches and pains.  After being on previcox two weeks, the gait was not changed at all. 

Three people have told me that the neck and the limp (for lack of a better term) could be related.  So today I took her to a dog Chiropractor, who is also a DVM.  She examined her and found that the C-3, C-4 and C-5 were not completely normal - although I don't understand enough of what she said about them to be able to even tell you - but in any event she did adjust them.  I am going to take her back in a week for another adjustment but only time will tell if the adjustments will have any effect on her.  She did say that she saw no reason at this point to do any x-rays.  The only option that my other vet gave me to resolve disc issues was surgery.  Much like people doctors I guess.  I hope that the adjustments help her.  She's such a good dog and I don't want her being in any pain at all.  I really like this new vet.

Justice has a lump on the front of one of her hind knees that was there at Christmas.  I had it looked at then and the vet said it was a fatty tumor.  Well, it has doubled in size in the last six months and the vet today said that I really need to have it removed.  She doesn't believe that a fatty tumor would have doubled in size and she also said it was in a strange place for a fatty tumor.  While she said it was not an emergency, she recommended that I have it removed as it could likely be a mast cell tumor.   So, it looks like I will have to have her sedated anyway.  Maybe we can do x-rays of the neck then......

Now, for the jewelry part:  The previous listing is about a collection of polymer clay and sari silk bracelets I have been making recently.  Well, today, I received a request for, and made, another one without the skull and bones.  The woman I made it for loves cats for I put a couple of "cat" charms on it.


Sharon Driscoll said...

It sounds like you have found an excellent vet for Justce Marie. It does make sense that a pinched nerve or displaced of those discs might be impairing her gait. Love the bracelet too!

Anonymous said...
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Monique U. said...

It is difficult to concentrate on anything else when our loved ones are suffering; on the other hand, sometimes work can be a great distraction. I hope your vets will soon find the cause of Justice Marie's discomfort and treat it successfully. I am glad you got that second opinion.

Anonymous said...

My best wishes for Justice Marie--good luck in all your endeavors.