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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Look for Me in Bead Trends February 2013

I have been published in Stringing Magazine a few times now and I am proud to announce that I can now add Bead Trends to the list of publications.

I have a horse themed, three strand turquoise, leather and pewter necklace and horse themed raku and leather bracelet featured in Bead Trends February 2013.  This really isn't news as the magazine has been out for some time now, but I am only now able to make it public on my blog.

 I have used two types of African turquoise (you do know that it is dyed jasper right?) and some turquoise magnesite nuggets.  The beautiful pewter horse pendant is from Happy Mango Beads.

I had the lampwork beads made special for this design by Lynda Cogbill of etsy fame.

I finished the design with sterling bali style spacer beads and a sterling bali style 3-1 connector on one side.  The greek leather is from

The beautiful raku 3-1 connector in this bracelet is by Star Spirit Studio as are the raku rounds.  The copper bead caps were made by Diane Long.

This was the original bracelet - a copy of it is also listed in my shop.  It is similar but not exact as is the nature of one of a kind handmade jewelry.

I also have things coming out in the March, April and June Bead Trends.  I will announce them as they become available.


KayzKreationz said...

Those are both gorgeous. I love horses and these all go together so well. Congrats on getting published. Can't wait to see the other things you have coming out. It is one of my goals this year to submit something to a magazine and see if it makes the grade. Will have to find out how to do it, though. Nice pieces.

AliMc said...

Congrats on all the publishing successes! I adore the antique vibe that second piece.

Kepi said...

Congrats! Oh I so love turquoise!

13 said...

congrats on your magazine features and I love the leather and ceramic combo in that bracelet

supere67 said...

Congratulations, Jean!

Love that rustic looking bracelet!

Linda Y said...

Congrats. This is an awesome piece. So glad to see you back into the jewelry making. Hope that you are healing.

BackstoryBeads said...

I am so excited for you! So many thoughtful details in your work...keeps me looking and looking! Oh, and I'll also be looking for those future issues of Bead Trends.

Carolyn said...

Congrats on being published in Bead Trends. I always love your pieces


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Jean. So glad to hear all the publishing news. Good going; you deserve it.

Sharyl said...

Congrats, Jean! I always love seeing your truly unique creations! So glad you'll be published yet again!