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Monday, September 10, 2012

What I've Been Making.....

I was very busy last week making jewelry.  But, first I'd like to remind you that this coming Saturday, September 15, 2012, will be reveal day here on my blog for the Barbara Hanselman Pendant Challenge.Barbara Hanselman Pendant Challenge.  I expect about five participants and Barbara and I are even going to join in.  You will also recall that Barbara is going to choose a random winner among the participants for a $50 gift certificate to her shop which is  She makes the most amazing stoneware pottery and jewelry components and her finishes are so unique. It will be amazing so be sure to check back.

Now on to some of the things I've been making.

I made these earrings using Lynda Cogbill's beautiful lampwork beads.  I was using this as an opportunity to hone my skills making my own copper ball headpins with my fire-breathing dragon.

Well, when I got the pair finished and was photographing them, I noticed that I had made one earring with a bottom like the ones above and another with a bottom like the ones below. 

I didn't want to cut off my beautiful gorgeous wonderful hand made ball headpins, so I solved the problem by making another pair and using Julie Burgard's rustic green lampwork beads.  I love these beads and have been hesitant to use them, but I think both pairs are gorgeous on these earrings.

I also cleaned most of the silver finish off of the wonderful bohemian components to reveal the copper underneath.  There is just a tad of silver left.

Of course, I've been working on my challenge pieces for the reveal this Saturday, but you will have to check back to see those.......

I've been making some new yoga jewelry.  Marti Conrad made me two sets of white stoneware Chakra beads and I made a matching necklace and bracelet.  The beads on the necklace are quite small, only about 3/8" diameter, which makes it a very easy necklace to wear all the time, even while working out.

The beads on the bracelet are just a little larger and it is also a very easy to wear piece.  I also used brown beads by Ingrid to represent the root chakra and crystals to represent the crown chakra.

And, I recently received a set of Czech glass beads with a beautiful matte beach glass finish in the colors of the Chakra so I made a less expensive version using the glass rather than the stoneware.

I also met a wood bead maker, Mike Amadeo, who makes the most amazing wood beads I've ever seen.  The quality is out of this world.  I purchased a few of his items and have made a pair of earrings and a necklace. I am going to feature an interview with him shortly and show you some of his gorgeous work.  I will be doing a bigger post about him tomorrow or the next day to introduce him prior to the interview.  In the meantime, here is a taste of what he does.

I think there may have been some confusion here.  I did not make these earrings and this necklace, Mike did.  I just borrowed the picture from him.  Doesn't he do beautiful work? Watch for his interview where you will see things you just won't believe.  In the meantime, check out his etsy shop at Amadeo Beads


Hodson Jewelry said...

I love the earring and necklaces. The colors are amazing.

Marti C. said...
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Marti C. said...

Amazing work as always Jean, I love those earrings and the wooden beads are fantastic.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Your designs always speak for themselves Jean. But those wooden beads are out of this world. Coco Bolo? Cherry? To light for Walnut... and I suspect glued to brass. It's a woozer with the Malacite (spelling?) beads..have I got it right? Whoo, they are great. What a find.

Alice said...

Everything is gorgeous, but I like the earrings the best!

mamadeo said...
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mamadeo said...

Hi, Mike here - Thanks for all the kind words! Yes, the beads are cocobolo and yellowheart, with malachite and gold-filled also - no brass - and strung on Beadalon.