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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Barbara Hanselman Sculptural Pendant Challenge and Giveaway

In my last order from Barbara Hanselman, she sent me a gift of a black stoneware sculptural art pendant that was patterned on both sides.  She had just listed the pendants in several different shapes and designs and I loved them, but all I could think was "What would I do with that?"  And I didn't buy one. The note she included with the gift said that she was sending me the focal as a challenge - she wanted to see what I would do with it.  I could hear her chuckling maniacally as I read her last words "have fun."

Last week, I put this pendant out on my work table so that we could get acquainted while I worked on other projects -- remember, Kristi Bowman's copper components and the polymer bead pieces?  Yesterday I had finally figured out a place to start on Barbara's pendant.

This is my first version.  I thought it was finished and I fired off a picture to Barbara.  But while I was waiting for her response to it, I decided that I did not like the bottom scarab hanging off the pendant.  So, I took it off.

I also used bayong twisted beads and round beads in the copper chain, some sort of stone carved scarab, a carnelian dragon vein agate and two cyan dragon vein agates with some other little beads.

I want to tell you about these pendants.  They are made of black or chocolate brown stoneware and finished with different colors of terra sigillata.  This one is from a serious of black stoneware pieces that she made.  Because they are sculptural, they have a design on both sides.  The other side has different designs and is just as pretty as the front.  I wanted to figure out a way to make it reversible, but it really isn't like this.  The backside shows my wire but I did some twists and wiggles in the wire to design it up a notch.  With beads this large, if I had put them on both sides, which technically I could do, it wouldn't lay flat against the breast and I thought that was important.

This is my final version.  I replaced the hangy down thingy with another turquoise magnesite nugget bead.  I just thought it looked better and Barbara agreed.

By the way, she seemed very pleased with what I had done with her pendant.  I hope so because I really admire her work and if you haven't looked through her website, you should.  Be sure to visit the Gallery section of her website.  There is some beautifully inspired work there.  You can get to her website here:  BHCLAYSMITH.COM

Now, I want to tell you that I have another pendant on its way.  It is quite different in shape from this one and will present a much greater challenge I am sure.

Barbara has these in her etsy shop.  I am including pictures here because I really want you to see them and this way you won't have to click anywhere to see them all.  She has eight left. 

 The one I have coming is similar to the one below.

If I have my facts straight the three above are black stoneware.

This one looks to be of red stoneware.  I love, LOVE, this one.  If it doesn't sell, it will probably be my next one.  Since I originally posted this, this one has sold.  Someone is one lucky designer to get to work with this one.

The above pendant has been sold.
The above pendant has been sold.
I believe the above four are chocolate brown stoneware.  They don't have holes so they would lend themselves to wire wrapping or other methods....I can think of a few.

Now, my challenge to you is to buy yourself one of these pendants and make something with it and send me a picture and I will post it on my blog.   I don't want to have any kind of a time limit here, but would limit it to the next six weeks, say September 15, 2012?  If you are going to rise to the challenge, please let me know.

You can see Barbara's work at her Etsy Store and that is where you will find these pendants.  If you don't know her already, you will also find her to be a friendly, creative, sweet person who is just eaten up with the spirit of sharing.

Come on.......what are you going to make?


Okay, so much for the challenge part.  When Barbara read this post, she contacted me to sweeten the deal.
She will place the name & email address of each participant in the challenge will be placed in a virtual 'hat' and one name will be drawn from it. The winning name will receive a $50 gift certificate to her Etsy shop. All she asks is that she be able to show the pictures of the piece or pieces that will be credited to the designer of the piece in her upcoming Picasa Album, BHClaysmith Clay Components Transformed by Jewelry Artists.

How cool is that?  You buy a gorgeous pendant, you make a gorgeous piece of jewelry, we show it on my blog (you can also show it on your blog), your name goes into a virtual hat, if you are the lucky one drawn, you get a $50 gift certificate, your piece gets published in Barb's upcoming album which of course means more exposure.  You can't lose.

So come on, jump into the challenge. It's simple, send me pictures of your piece in time to blog it on September 15, 2012 and be entered to win $50.00 in merchandise from Barbara's etsy store.

Here's the schedule.  Have your picture e-mailed to me by September 15, 2012.  I will post the entries on my blog on Sunday, September 16, 2012.  Barbara will do a random drawing and we will announce the winner on Wednesday, September 19, 2012. 

There are still six pendants left, so please consider playing along.


Julie said...

Love what you did with the focal! Added Barbara's shop to my fav's.

Sheila said...

The brown stoneware pieces are beautiful and unique! I love jewelry; but I do not make jewelry - your challenge is tempting. I can't wait to see the finished pieces!

Mary Hicks said...

I just bought one of the components, and Barbara reminded me of the blog hop. I think I would like to participate. I am dying to receive the piece.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Great design job on that component Jean. I too like the second one just didn't need the hanging piece. It drew your eye away from the focal which was a great finishing point. Those pieces are going to be great to work with.

Anonymous said...

The necklace is amazing. I am so glad I got to see it and thank you for exposing me to Barbara Hanselman's work too. Awesome.