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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meet Bella

If you follow this blog, you will recall the recent post saying goodbye to Daisy, Isabelle's sweet English Coon Hound that recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  That post also shared a bit about how Daisy acquired Isabelle (yes, I got that right) and shared a bit about their short time together.  If you want to read it, you can find it Here

Well, I am tickled pink to now share that Isabelle has a new best friend named Bella.  (Notice the similarity between their names - Isabelle ponders whether Daisy sent Bella to her).  Bella is a seven year old Australian Shepherd.  Bella moved in to stay right away.  While Isabelle's time has many demands made upon it, right away a support system fell into place that made it possible for Bella to stay.
Isabelle reports that Bella is a calm soul and will actually need some getting her little body into shape. Is that one happy pooch or what?

That is Bella's new daddy rolling on the ground with her.  Yay, Bella.  You go girl!

Thank you Isabelle, and your hubby, for giving yet another sweet dog a forever home.  She is a cutie!


Sharon Driscoll said...

Makes my heart flutter - she looks like a loving and adorable girl and it's great to see her find a forever home.

Marti C. said...

How wonderful for all of them!

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful for everyone. The pictures are just great. She is cute and she looks happy.

Isabelle said...

Awwwww...that is so sweet from you Jean!!!! Yes, Bella is a happy girl and every day she is discovering a new world!! She's already made a place for herself on the sofa and the bed!!! Every night she gets a tummy rub session. :))