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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Second Installment on my Self Induced Polymer Clay Challenge

As I posted earlier, I have challenged myself to use my polymer clay components to make jewelry this month.  I love polymer clay and it never ceases to amaze me the beautiful things that polymer clay artists can do with it, but I have found that it is not my first go-to material when I am making jewelry.  Such is the reason for this month's self-induced challenge.

These earrings have a southwest feeling to them and because of the polymer clay beads by Alison Crenshaw and because the teardrop is silver coated acrylic, they are super lightweight.  Even I could wear them.....and I would.

Next, a bracelet in which I used another one of Alison's beautiful beads - it is the one in the center with black, turquoise and gold.  It is a beautiful bead.  I also made a button clasp out of a polymer clay button and a dangle, both made by Michele Gabriel

Another component, I used in this bracelet are four hand felted wool beads.  These were made by a friend of mine and I have had them forever and have never really known how to use them.  In this piece, they are perfect!  This bracelet is a wintertime, long sleeve sweater, hot cocoa in hand kind of bracelet.  I love it.  It just makes you feel warm and cuddled having it on.

And, last but not least, I used more of Alison's beads, an entire set which I rarely do, to make this light weight bracelet.  Like the earrings above, it has a real southwest feel to it.

This bracelet is more on the dainty side as her beads are quite small and the bali-style links are also quite small.  You can see the beads are about the same size as the magnesite heart bead compared to the scale in the earrings.  It will be something very easy to wear as well.

I've also been playing with some wood dangles that I have had for two years.  These are made from ebony wood, turquoise glass rectangles, and horn and bone with copper and waxed linen.

I also made a pair of earrings using Bayong Wood, African beads, and Krisi Bowman's Copper Ammonite Connectors.  They are worth looking at and you can see them on her Dream Some Designs blog.  They are also listed in my shop.  All of these will be listed in my shop over the next few days.


Sarah S said...

Love the idea of a self-induced challenge! Also good to have tips on how to make dangly earrings lighter to wear - it's a problem that means I often can't wear the earrings I make!

Regina said...

Beautiful, I love your style!

A Half-Baked Notion said...

While I both make and use polymer clay components, I LOVE seeing the work of others in such varied and inspiring settings, including with fabric (felt) beads. Along with fabric, it is great to see wood beads being featured in your pieces. IMHO they are both generally underutilized in design, and they add wonderful layers of tactile interest.

Sandra said...

beautiful work!