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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pregnant Goddess Spirit Rattle

 This necklace combines components from two of my favorite clay artists.  Sharon Driscoll of RightTurnArtWerks made the colorful Spirit Rattle Bead. She made it of terra cotta earthenware clay and inscribed it with rainbows and central protection eyes. There are tiny pieces of clay inside that rattle softly when shaken. Of her piece Sharon says that she was answering the call of her inner spirit when she created this bead for situations that require that you express yourself or when you need to clear negative energy swirly around you. This bead allows you to make some noise without sharing that noise too widely.
 Barbara Hanselman of BHClaysmith made the pregnant goddess, whom she has named Flora and as in much of her other work Barbara has finished this goddess with terra sigilata instead of ceramic glaze so it is 'open’ to absorb the essence of the wearer when worn against the skin. Her pieces are also a great way to wear essential oils or favorites scents. Just apply the oil or scent to the beads the night before you wear them making them wearable aroma therapy. How cool is that?
Here is what Barbara says about her goddess, Flora. "The TERRA MATER (Earth Mother) also referred to as the Nile Fertility Goddess has her arms raised to symbolize the continuance of future generations. Ancient fertility goddesses abounded - the Etruscans had "Maris", the Romans “Diana and Venus”- and all conveyed the notion of fertility as well as numerous other positive attributes. This present-day Terra Mater talisman whom I have christened FLORA does no less. In addition to openly endorsing the continuation of the species, she is patently pregnant with possibilities; wonderful, purposeful possibilities you can fulfill with her motherly assistance. "

I just felt like the goddess and the spirit rattle belonged together as if Flora is trying to "shake" some sense into the world that she is holding up above her head.

I made the copper coil end caps and the toggle clasp.  I also used some of my newly acquired Chimu clay beads and some African trade beads, including vinyl.  Add a few macrame knots and here you have it.  Enjoy.


Kepi said...

I absolutely love this necklace, I had to have a clay rattle bead, can't wait for it to come. Thanks for the inspiration.

Doris Stumpf said...

GREAT!!!!!! Hugs, Doris

Anonymous said...

Nice work, regards

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Thanks