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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mermaids and Yellow Moons

The large lampwork beads are by Two Sisters and let me tell you they are gorgeous.  They have such depth to them.  I guess because she encased them in clear - and I mean crystal clear - glass in a nugget or wavy design.  The small yellow one has a smidgin of green in it and it is by Lynda Cogbill.

I've had the matching mermaid toggle and charm for some time.  I guess they were waiting for me to get these beads.  And I love the big bead caps.  Lynda Cogbill recently gave me some brass ones like these and I love them with the lampwork.  I was only able to find antiqued silver.

Sometimes our moon does appear yellow depending on the time of year and atmosphere composition at the time.

Also, I just read today that Judy Glenda passed away a month ago.  I had known that she was ill and everytime I asked Judy how she was feeling, she told me just fine.  I did not know that she had passed.  Good bye Judy.  You will be missed by all and all of us have been diminished a bit by your passing.  You can swim with the mermaids now.  Tell Gracie Mae and Maggie hello for me.


Karen Totten said...

I absolutely love this!

Anonymous said...

This piece of work is absolutely stunning!