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Monday, April 23, 2012

Indian Creek Stoneware

This necklace features a pendant and two rustic stoneware discs by Pam Cresswell of Indian Creek Studios.  She lives just down the street from me about 4 miles and I would love to meet her.  Must put that on my list of things to do.

The pendant is a feather shape with the imprint of an ancient hand.  I also used aqua terra jasper from Rosemary of beadstostring, howlite from Happy Mango, and more great little seed beads from all over the place.  The blue rounds are jade.  I think this necklace has so many colors of water in it.

I have spent a sleepless weekend as Justice Marie seems to have something wrong with her neck.  Vet said upon examination she appears to have a slipped disc, or wobbles (never heard of that but she said it was bad.)  We have started her on an NSAID and I've been giving her tramadol all weekend which the vet said to keep giving her.  We're going to try to manage pain for next few days and see if there is an improvement before we have her anesthesized for x-rays.  At her age, I want to make that last resort.  She's only been willing to sleep on her tummy not flat out on her side and I put a pillow under her chin to hold her head up a bit.  It breaks my heart when she wimpers out in pain.  Please offer up your prayers for her.


Anonymous said...

You and Justice Marie have my prayers. I just hate to hear this and think of her in pain. I truly hope she will be ok!

Marti C. said...

Of course, prayers for all of you...

Anonymous said...

Oh Jean - I am so sorry about Justice Marie. We had to put our old retriever Nellie to rest early this spring. We had a very pricey "last resort" operation six month prior to that. It gave her six months of peace and time with us. I'll light a candle for you furbaby to get better.


Jean A. Wells said...

I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers for Justice. The NSAID and Tramadol seem to be helping her pain. She has a happy look on her face again that has been missing over the weekend and she is resting better too. She's sleeping right now at the foot of the bed without the pillow under her chin. That is an improvement right there. Still wimpering a bit but not like she was doing. Thank you all so much. I really, really love my puppy dogs and I'd rather be sick and hurting myself than have them feel bad.

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Oh poor baby. I'm glad she is doing better.