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Sunday, April 1, 2012

I have a lot to blog about today.....and that's no foolin'......

To get today's blog started, I want to announce (brag) that I am the lucky, lucky winner of the Scott David Plumlee DVD.  Lori Anderson gave away three of his DVDs yesterday.  I can't believe my luck these days....before blogging I would have said I never win anything, my husband would have responded that it was because I never enter anything.....okay, granted that!

If you are very familiar with my work, you already know that I dabble in chainmaille and you will see it crop up in my designs from time to time.  I am so excited about taking it to the next level.  I already make my own copper jump rings so who knows what's coming down the pike.

Next, I recently posted a Raven Relic necklace - it had the feather.....Well, it was snatched up along with a special order for earrings and the olive green leather bracelet I had listed was chosen to go with it.  Here is a picture of the completed set.  Since one of the things I get so tired of is designers telling you how much they love their work or how beautiful their work is (yawn) I will let you decide whether the endeavor was a success or not.  But, I like it....

Last, the disc necklace and earrings that I put together with Julie Burgard's Outwest disc beads was also snatched up and I also made a bracelet to go along with it.  I had to take the original necklace apart to use a couple of the discs, and I had to add a few other beads to fill it out, but here is the finished set. 

Similar to other things I've made, but I added chain on the bracelet to adjust the length.  It's amazing what you can do when you have the findings that you need.

And, I used the last fantastic handmade lampwork nugget shaped teardrop that Lynda Cogbill made for me in this simple charm necklace.  While it is simple, it is substantial.  I made the copper bail, the turquoise is genuine and the petoskey stone comes all the way from Michigan compliments of KMMenagerie. 

And, these carved turquoise leaf earrings.  I attempted to shape some feathers for the earrings on the feather set, but they looked more like leaves so voila la -- these earrings were born.

I hope you enjoy today's post.


Marti C. said...

Good for you! Congrats on your win. Can hardly wait to see what comes from it!

Patti Van said... can really work the wire! Gorgeous! CONGRATS ON YOUR WIN!!!!!

potterygirl1 said...

Great Pieces they are all so unique.