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Friday, March 14, 2014

Charm Bracelets

Another custom project that I was commissioned to do this summer had to do with charm bracelets.  Now I love charm bracelets.  Especially charm bracelets with a theme.  But, I like to make them lush and plush.  With the quality of materials that I use in making my jewelry, it is easy to price a piece out of the market.  Every now and then, someone will come along that truly appreciates a great charm bracelet.

One such bracelet was made and sold that summer.  It was a bracelet that celebrated the 4th of July - primarily in beautiful red, white and blue Czech glass beads.  I only made one, but I had a photograph of it on my facebook business page.

This winter someone spotted it and contacted me wanting to know if I had any plans to make another.  I told her I had no such plans at the time, but would be happy to make one if she wanted to order one.  She had been married on July 4, 2013 and though that such a bracelet would be a great way to commemorate her wedding day. 

She loved it.

She asked me if I would be willing to help her design and make a charm bracelet that represented her family, her interests, things she loves, and other aspects of her life. 

Of course, mostly thanks to Lori Anderson, I now embrace a challenge with excitement and enthusiasm, so I told her sure.

And, this is what we came up with.  There charms and beads on this bracelet that represent her wedding, her husband, her brother, her son, her daughter, her occupation, birthstones, favorite colors, her favorite holiday and even her husband's pet name for her.

There are vintage charms, new charms, sterling charms, brass charms, pewter charms.  There are charms with cubic zirconia, glass, crystals, and gemstones hung from a handmade sterling silver filled chain.

It is certainly lush and plush and she loved it.

And, the last custom bracelet I made for her was a Halloween bracelet.  Halloween is her favorite holiday. 

This bracelet contains Tierra Cast pewter charms, czech glass, howlite melons, and lampwork, with other miscellanous charms and beads.

It is so nice to design jewelry for someone that appreciates and understands the value of handmade.

Thank you Brittany!


Linda Y said...

I love charm bracelets and these are all awesome. I have many charm bracelets in my personal jewelry and this makes me want to take them out and add a few sparkles to my all silver charm bracelet and a few charms to my all sparkly bracelet. Good to see you posting again Jean. I missed you.

Jean A. Wells said...

Brittany was unable to leave a comment directly on the blog, but had this to say on my facebook page:

I don't know how to reply to your blog but thank you so so much for sharing your amazing talent! I will cherish these charm bracelets always! You are such a great jeweler and person! Thank you again!!!
Brittany R.