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Friday, May 24, 2013

Upcoming Blog Hop -- Anklets -- Summer Time Fun

Hello.  Today, I want to let you know about an upcoming blog hop that I am participating in along with some other very talented jewelry designers and artisans.  It is being hosted by Kashmira of Sudafulee .  You can click on the link to visit her blog to learn more about her and her art or you can click on the Button on the right to read more about the Anklet Blog Hop specifically.

The reveal is June 1, 2013 and I will have at least four or five anklets ready for reveal.  These are the very first anklets I have ever made, even though Ingrid Mueller was telling me two years ago that I should make some.

It was a fun experience and I will enjoy wearing mine.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some pictures of what I have made lately.

July 4th is also coming up, so I made some new Patriotic earrings using Czech beads and African Trade Beads - not very American, huh?

I love making holiday themed jewelry, although I don't make a tremendous amount of it.

I have more red, white and blue beads on the way and plan to do more experimenting with the Patriotic theme this year.

This is a re-designed version of a necklace I sold about a year ago.  The original one had a red pendant.

I love the brilliant blue of this enameling.  It is commercial, but it is really quite nice and beautiful.

This necklace is also Patriotic although I didn't make it with that in mind.

I recently purchased these gorgeous lampwork beads that were made by Jason Powers of Powers Art Studio.

They just spoke July the 4th to me.  I'm still working on a design for them.  I think they will be a necklace, on leather, more bohemian, etc.  But, who knows, they may end up as a nose ring.

Goodbye for now.  See you soon.


Mags said...

Jean, congratulations on your win in BSBP!!

sandi m said...

Congratulations on being a Bead Soup winner. Your piece is a stunner - everything, the loopy wire, buttons and pendant. Beautiful!!

13 said...

congratulations, awesome necklace, also love the rich red and blues of the ones above

Jaipur Gemstones said...

These are totally awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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