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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To Satisfy the Anarchist in Me....

Well, because I have a bit of anarchist in me, which as you know is a person that likes to break the rules sometimes, and because it is against the rules to reveal your Bead Soup creations before your scheduled reveal date, but because I am also finished with making jewelry from Jelveh's soup, and because I am way too excited to wait until Saturday, which is the new reveal day for the second group of participants (yes, that's this coming Saturday, April 13, 2013 so be sure to check back) and because I wanted to go ahead and show you what I've made, I decided to go ahead and show you today.

So here goes!!!!!

Isn't it great!  Do you want to see more?  Come back on Saturday and see what those pretty little bags have in them.


BackstoryBeads said...

Ooh, they look so tempting (especially the one on top!) I am finished with my pieces, just need to photograph them. Saturday can't come soon enough!!!

Alice said...

Oh, you tease!!!! What little I can see looks wonderful!

Marti C. said...

What a great tease!

13 said...

lol, naughty, naughty

Anonymous said...

You stinker!