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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whiskers II

This is my second Whiskers.  This one is not totally black, however, but more like a tortoise shell - you know the brown version of a calico cat.  I'm not sure what they are called, but if anyone knows, please let me know.

 I changed the weaving order a bit on this one to make it different from the first one, but it still has the same overall look.

 I also used a brass bali-style bail to hang the pendant rather than just sandwiching it between two brass beads.
 I used a pipestone heishi bead on the pendant leather bail.

I love pipestone but it is hard to find it in the smaller pieces.

Would love to know where I can find it if any of you know.  *Note:  I did a wikipedia check and have described the color below.

The glaze that Nan used on this pendant flows a blue/white in the creases which is great because when a black cat is shiny, you see blue.

I also left the whiskers a bit longer on this one.  They could easily be shortened if anyone preferred.

I hope you all like this version as well.

You have got to love Wikipedia.  According to it, "tortoiseshell" describes a coat coloring found almost exclusively in female cats.  They are mottled or brindled with patches of orange or cream and chocolate, black or blue.  (That is this pendant for sure.)  As opposed to "calico" cats which are largely white with red and brown patches (rather than the brindle aspect) they have very little or no white on them.

Here is a picture of a tortoiseshell cat.  Isn't she cute?  I had several of these when I was growing up and my first cat after I married was a tortoiseshell.  She had kittens in my laundry basket and I used to get so sleepy watching them.  They were so sweet.


Linda Y said...

Gorgeous. Love how you changed up the weave and added the fancy bail.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! Love the whiskers hanging down.

Kepi said...

Love it as much as the first Whiskers.

AntiquityTravelers said...

I am LOVING the whisker series! and that bali bail is gorgeous! great piece!!

your question ... perhaps Tabby?

Shirley Moore said...

Love this one too! And I've learned something new, because I always thought calico cats were like the one in your pic. And like the one they described. I've always been told that if you find a male calico, you'll be rich, because there aren't any.
I like the longer whiskers, gives it a whole different personality. :)

supere67 said...

Cute necklace, Jean. The colors on this one definitely make it look like a tortoiseshell cat. We have a grey and white tabby that gave birth to 3 kittens a year ago, all three were black, orange, and white, but they had stripes like a tabby cat (the stripes of black and orange make them look like little tigers - so cute!) A friend told me that all three were female because of the calico coloring. I asked if this was so in spite of their tabby markings, and she said yes, it's the colors that count. Usually, calicos have big patches of color all over, as opposed to stripes. Sure enough, all three are girls. So apparently, even if the markings of the cat are some other breed, if they are black, orange, and white, they're female.

Anonymous said...

Besides white cat, one of the strays we feed is a lithe beauty that looks just like this cat. Many, many years ago I had a cat like this one, named Pepper.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Looks like my son's cat he rescued that he named Ichabod. I love that cat - it's the only cat I've ever seen who likes to lay upside down in your lap like newborn baby.

Lori Anderson said...

I adore the whiskers effect!