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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gypsy Earrings with Howlite and Vintaj Patina

I love these new connectors that I found.  I used my new Vintaj patinas on these and sealed them with the glaze.  I just recently got those howlite melon balls too.  Something about them just appealed to me - I do wish they weren't quite so big, but oh well - it is what it is.



Sarah S said...

Those are very nice! I love what you have done with the patinas. How did you get the two-tone effect (assuming that is not just a trck of the light) - was that by removing some of the silver plating so that the silver goes grey and the copper blue-green? Anyway. Lovely.

Jean A. Wells said...

Hi Sarah,
Actually, I first did a layer of the Vintaj verdigris and then I used the cinnabar on the diamond and the triangles on the side. Then I just scratched off the high parts with some coarse steel wool.