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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lampwork and Gemstone Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet Set

This necklace, bracelet and earring set showcases Lynda Cogbill's Lynda's Lampwork beautiful brown nugget teardrop lampwork beads and Julie Burgard's Outwest circular lampwork disc beads.  I have also used little dyed magnesite ovals that I got from Rosemary Beadstostring and mother of pearl beads along with my own copper wire work.  What I really like about thes magnesite beads is that they are dyed turquoise with brown matrix but they also have some white spaces which I assume didn't take the dye well.  It makes them perfect for my purpose in this piece bringing together the three colors of the lampwork discs of ivory, brown and turquoise blue.

I have to say that both Julie and Lynda are great to work with.  All of these beads were specially ordered and through our discussions they were able to get me exactly the beads I wanted.  Thank you Lynda and Julie.

I want to list this set in etsy, but am considering how best to do it.  I think the set should stay together, but I also realize that sometimes people just want the earrings, or bracelet or necklace and not the entire set.  So, I'll figure something out, I guess.  I do know that I will be offering them at a special price if the entire set is sold together.  I hope you like them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean -
I think the idea of a special price for the entire set is a great idea. I'd list it together as one and maybe put in the fine print that individually the pieces are available and price a couple of dollars higher for each piece.

Julie said...

Beautiful!! But then I'm a bit biased! I agree you should list it as a set.

Marti C. said...


Spirited Earth said...

oh i love these..such beautiful color combinations