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Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Earrings - Horse Totems

For some reason, I haven't made much jewelry the last week, but I have made a couple new pairs of earrings. 

 I asked Marti Conrad some months ago if she could come up with a crescent shape for me to use.  After some discussions, she did and I love them.  

This is my second batch of earrings using them.

The first batch has been in my etsy store for some time and you may recall having seen them.  They are primarily of a yoga theme.  One pair has sold already.

In this pair, I have used her purple crescents with dark green dragon-vein agates and purple furnace glass by Dave Christensen.

In this pair, I have used her wonderful black glaze with "tiger eye" flowing in the crevices.  They also have black melon shaped stone beads and solid copper crosses.

These remind me of a Spanish Mission for some reason.

I just finished these yesterday.  She got to playing around with holes and on a couple pairs she put holes on the long edge of the crescent. 

You know Marti, she told me I didn't have to take them if I didn't want them.  She is silly like that.  Of course, I wanted them.

These crescents also have a great texture and edge.

I used some funky petroglyphic horses, African beads and wood, and Greek leather.  These are now in my etsy store.


I hope you have enjoyed looking.  Just as a review, here are the other Marti Conrad "Crescent" earrings I have listed.

See you can use the crescent up side down, or right side up.

 I believe that she has a few sets of her crescents available now.  I would challenge you other jewelry designers to go to her shop Marti's Shop, buy a pair of them and see what you can make with them.  I would love to see what others can come up with.

Come on, whatcha gonna make?


Alice said...

Yay, finally one of your blog posts showed up in my blog reader! I have about four blogs (and maybe more that I can't remember) that never show in my reader and it really frustrates me.

I love those crescents, and all your earrings are just wonderful!

Kepi said...

Oh yeah, I love them too, gorgeous earrings....ALL of them!

Unknown said...

Crazy creative. I particularly like the pair with the holes in them - love the way you worked in the fiber and the funky horses. Way cool.

AntiquityTravelers said...

I love these designs! and those crescents are way cool!

Unknown said...

These are so addictive, once you get going on earrings, you don't want to stop! Beautiful!