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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Micro-Macrame Southwest Choker Style Necklace

I haven't been blogging a lot the last few weeks, mainly because I continue to work on developing the new skill (for me) of micro-macrame.  As I said a few posts back, I have admired the delicate and beautiful work of Sherri Stokey for quite some time and when I acquired one of her bracelets I just knew I had to learn how to do this.  I've done always incorporated simple macrame techniques into my jewelry, having learned the technique when I was a youngster but my projects were limited to plant hangers and hanging tables.  My mother still has a hanging table that I made for her and I plan to take it away from her and hang it on my porch this summer.  Since she has had it under the guest room bed for at least 20 years I don't think she will mind.

 I finished this necklace last night.  It is a delicate piece and designed to fit close to the nape of the neck, not to drape across the chest.  The beads are tiny and are strung on beading wire that I have hidden among 10 different cords.  I chose a southwest color palette of coral, turquoise, dark blue, brown, yellow, light blue, etc.  I had to work rather conservatively since I had no idea where I was going when I started with only a vague idea of how loose the knots should be, etc. 

Sherri has been kind enough to suggest that my ends are too chunky for the rest of the piece and that I could knot around the 8mm split ring that I used as ends rather than do the wrapping.  I so appreciate her feedback.  She is the micro-macrame guru and anytime you can get someone of her caliber to even look at your work, let along give comments, it is a gift.  Thank you Sherri.

I used small textured copper beads, lapiz lazuli beads, turquoise beads, and pink coral.  The two larger corals along the top row are apple coral. 

I have been acquiring several colors of the Irish linen made by Crawford Threads Ltd. of Belfast Ireland.  Based on the research that I did before I purchased waxed linen (other than from Hobby Lobby) was that theirs is the best and they are known for making strong and extremely high quality thread.  I have most of the colors now.  The best domestic source I have found to purchase this thread is from  They sell it on 100 yard spools at a price much cheaper than buying it in shorter lengths off etsy.  Contact me if you need more information on it.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Hey Jean, I have been following your exploits in macramé and I must say you are a fast learner! This is really a gorgeous chocker and the colours are wonderful. I rarely buy jewellery for myself, but I made an exception and ordered one of Sherri's fabulous dragon bracelets. Now I'm worried that I will feel compelled to learn micro-macramé once I hold it in my hands; I'm not sure my old eyes would tolerate that!

Jean A. Wells said...

I bought her bracelet that is like the dragon one, but with the celtic button. I love it! I've worn it every day since I got it. It is much more delicate than what I'm doing so far. I can still see the waxed linen but at close to 60 years old, its getting harder. Sherri said good reading glasses and good light is the key. She's right.